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Usually, we prefer to work with you closely as integrated team members all the way through product development. It shouldn’t surprise you that we have the most accredited laboratories, nor that a third of AMETEK CTS‘s 300 employees work in service and technical sales.


Put plainly, we love what we do, that is, understanding and serving your needs. Today’s business jargon would call our approach customercentric, but actually for us, it’s just our nature. Whatever your requirements, you can rest assured knowing we’re prepared to tackle any EMC challenge, anywhere in the world, including general services, such as maintenance and repairs, software updates and calibration, as well as engineering and test services for compliance and pre-compliance testing.

No problem, whatever your needs, our service staff at our eight sales and service offices across the globe are waiting to serve you.

Today’s standards quickly become yesterday’s standards. Our most important service is keeping you up-to-date by getting knowledge out to you as soon as it becomes available. You’ll find our seminars and workshops, which we offer at our or your premises, very useful and highly effective. They’re available for every application and level of knowledge and experience, whether EMC beginner or expert. Service is where a company‘s response and attentiveness to customers’ needs are most telling. Put us to the test.

    You can take advantage of our engineers’ EMC know-how by outsourcing the engineering of your new products to us.
    For customers who don’t have an in-house lab or would like to outsource lab work, we perform nationally recognized tests.
    Being that we are an engineering company, we understand your engineering needs and offer services we know are of value to you.


AMETEK CTS is peace of mind.


We turn trends into standards.


We're there where you need us.

Advanced Technologies

Future-Proof into the future.

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