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AMETEK CTS operates internationally. Just like our corporate customers. And yet we are as small as our smallest regional customer, too. Either way, we’re there for you – at full strength.

We like to keep things simple.

So we’re there where you need us thanks to eight sales and service centers located in Germany, Switzerland, China, Japan, Singapore, the USA, and Great Britain. That’s also why we offer you nine accredited labs. And that’s why our production facilities are set up to handle international needs and located in Germany and Switzerland, where the required know-how and premium quality are at home.

Big or small, we’re how you need us. AMETEK CTS serves large corporations, mid-sized companies, small engineering firms, you name it. Not everyone needs everything, but everyone gets our full concentration and the measure of capacity required for the task at hand. Our success justifies this approach.


AMETEK CTS is peace of mind.


We turn trends into standards.

Advanced Technologies

Future-Proof into the future.


Service is a frame of mind.

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