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Fueled by rapidly changing product trends, innovation cycles are constantly becoming shorter. We relieve the pressure.

Less time to market

Regardless of the industry, the time to market for products is diminishing and the likelihood of mistakes occurring increasing. New product trends quicken the rapid pace that companies must match. The competition, social changes, economic conditions, and consumer desires for things new and reliability all work together to set the pace. The market waits for no one. Even essential innovations have increasingly less time between first draft and market launch.

AMETEK CTS works closely with the industry. We are a catalyst between innovation and legislation, working extensively on committees and standards. Whenever standards are taking shape for the future, you can be sure we’re in the thick of it and our tests are guiding the way.


AMETEK CTS is peace of mind.


We're there where you need us.

Advanced Technologies

Future-Proof into the future.


Service is a frame of mind.

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