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As an engineering-driven company, AMETEK CTS converts advanced technologies into disturbance-proof, successful products.

Make something new!

Engineers’ work today is more multifaceted than ever. In designing new products, you have to keep quality high and costs in control, while making sure that function remains disturbance-free. Moreover, your competition is global and never sleeps. While you’re feverishly working, often, on the other side of the world, somebody is striving to accomplish the same. Never before in the history of humankind has technology’s advance been like it is today. And never before has it been more important for companies to stay ahead in new technologies. All it takes is just one wrong step for today’s winners to become tomorrow’s losers.

Our customers convert tomorrow’s technologies into today’s dependable products. We work closely with the industry, and we know where things are heading before they get there. Together with you, we develop reliable disturbance-proof products. Your products being disturbance-proof means everything to us, which is why we’ve configured our company through the acquisition and integration of technology leaders, high-tech companies, and leadingedge technologies under the corporate roof of AMETEK Inc.


AMETEK CTS is peace of mind.


We turn trends into standards.


We're there where you need us.


Service is a frame of mind.

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