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Four strong EMC and RF amplifier product brands led by a team with unparalleled technical expertise under the new roof of AMETEK Compliance Test Solutions. With these four product brands united on the AMETEK Compliance Test Solutions platform, AMETEK CTS will continue to lead the way in EMC innovation, quality, breadth of solutions, and customer support.

When you say EM Test, you’re talking EMC technology leadership. The brand radiates unflagging dependability and premium German and Swiss quality. EM Test’s advanced device design, customer-specific know-how, and innovative software are the benchmarks of the EMC world. Since 1987, EM Test has enjoyed a reputation throughout the world as a renowned specialist for conductive coupling EMC.

  • Ultra-flexible custom solutions
  • EMC Academy: efficiency seminars and workshops
  • EMC innovator: from the first burst simulator in 1988 to NetWave today

The name TESEQ stands for Swiss and German high quality and enjoys a reputation for having the world’s broadest product range of cost-effective standard solutions for conducted and radiated EMC testing. Since its founding, TESEQ has successively conquered all the world’s industrial markets. High global brand awareness and global availability make TESEQ a globally successful brand.

  • Initiator: modular device architecture
  • Award-winning: winner of Best-in-Test-Award
  • Quick: e.g. first ESD simulator with color touchscreen

Since 1987, MILMEGA has designed and manufactured amplifiers, concentrating on low-power applications. Modular design makes the products exceptionally flexible. And the fact that MILMEGA in 2012 received Great Britain’s internationally acclaimed Queen’s
Award for Enterprise in Innovation underscores the innovative prowess of the company.

  • Successful product design: CSA, Corporate Structure Amplifier topology
  • Dependability: 44,000 hrs mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Pioneering: e.g. in the research of subatomic particles

The brand IFI has been highly regarded since 1953 for its quality high-power and traveling-wave tube amplifiers. Because the products are extremely well-made, they are ideal for special-purpose and especially demanding applications for both military and commercial uses. IFI products feature state-of-the-art technology and premium quality.

  • Market-leading: most comprehensive amplifier range in world
  • Dependable: General Motors, Boeing Aircraft, U.S. Air Force vendor
  • Diverse: from EMC to research and military
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